No Fault License Revocation

ABC Penalty Guidelines - narcoticsPerhaps the most insidious way in which a restaurant, bar, or other business with an alcoholic beverage can get its license revoked is when an employee sells illegal drugs.  Almost always, its done secretively and without the business owner’s knowledge.  Moreover, when law enforcement becomes aware of such activity, they generally begin an undercover operation to purchase and document the drug sales.  Then, rather than advise the business owner of the activity, they initiate license revocation proceedings. The photo accompanying this post is from the Dept. of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s Penalty Guidelines. In the revocation action, the owner’s knowledge of the sales is “presumed” from multiple sales. (Bus. & Prof. Code sec. 24200.5).  Fighting such a revocation will rarely be accomplished by asking for leniency or understanding.  Competent representation is a must.

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