Cannabis infused beer?

At least two manufacturers are infusing Cannabis (including THC) into beer.  Combining alcohol and cannabis product – even those without cannabis – is illegal in California.  I wrote about the new law in October last year.  So how are these manufacturers accomplishing the mixture?  Are they operating illegally?  They are mixing “beer” with cannabis but they are not mixing alcohol and cannabis.  In other words, they are removing the alcohol from the beer and replacing it with cannabis extracts.

One of the brewers is calling itself High-Style Brewing (eye-roll here, name reminiscent of head shops and stoner magazine High Times).  Two Roots Brewing Co. is another company stripping alcohol from beer and replacing it with Cannabis extracts.  Two Roots reportedly has THC and CBD options in a number of beer varietals.

These products cannot be sold side by side with alcoholic beverages. In particular they cannot be sold in businesses with alcoholic beverage licenses.  Moreover, they can be sold only in the manner and locations in which CBD or THC cannabis products, respectively, maybe sold.

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