Blood alcohol content bill would make California only state to match Utah’s law.

In California, a bill (AB-1723) is pending that would lower the legal driving blood alcohol content (BAC) limit from 0.8% to 0.5%.  Only Utah currently has a blood alcohol law with a limit that low, although similar bills have been introduced in other states this year.  Theoretically, this would limit women under 160 lbs. to one drink per hour and men under 200 lbs. to 2 drinks per hour.

Simultaneously, another bill (SB-545) has been introduced that would required even first time offenders to install, at their own cost, interlocking ignition devices into their vehicles.  These devices prevent the car from starting unless the driver passes a breathalyzer exam.

The text and details of the bills can be found at these links:  AB-1723 and SB-545.

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