CityLab: Can Craft Breweries Transform America’s Post-Industrial Neighborhoods?

Interesting article in Atlantic Magazine’s CityLab by renowned urban economist Richard Florida: Can Craft Breweries Transform America’s Post-Industrial Neighborhoods?

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Tip Pooling Basics

cash bar tips

Photo by Bob Doran, Flickr Creative Commons

        Though the concept of tipping has developed through custom, a business’s tipping practices are regulated by state law. This is especially true within California.  This series will explain acceptable tipping practices for businesses within the state.  Here, it begins by explaining tipping in California through the lens of property rights. Continue reading

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Marketing Beer through Farmers’ Markets


Guilford farmers market beer vendorCrowds of people regularly flock to farmers markets seeking new brands, new tastes, and an intimate experience with local treats.  For much of California, and especially the San Diego area, farmers’ markets can operate year-round as a great tool both for selling product and marketing a brand.  The California legislature’s passage of Assembly Bill 2004 and Assembly Bill 774 allows for beer to be sold at farmers’ markets.  This means that craft breweries have an entirely new market to advertise and sell their products, letting its beer take its place as a piece of local pride amongst other local foods and drinks. Continue reading

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SB 384:  The Legislation to Extend Hours of Operation



Gaslamp Quarter, San Diego, CA by Leandro Neumann Ciuffo, Flickr Creative Commons

California is on the verge of changing legislation which has been on its books since the end of Prohibition.  Since that time, California alcohol businesses have been banned from operating between the hours of 2 a.m. and 6 a.m., statewide.  If Senate Bill 384 (SB 384) passes, select businesses will be permitted to operate until 4 a.m.  Continue reading

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What are the limitations on Happy Hours?

happy hour sign



Happy hours offer a great deal of versatility for a business to attract new customers and set itself apart from the competition.  As with most marketing in this industry, however, there is a series of rules and regulations which a business must work to comply with in operating a happy hour.   Continue reading

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The Top Fifty Craft Breweries of 2016

The Brewers Association released its annual lists of breweries – two lists: Craft breweries and overall breweries. The lists can be found here:  Top Fifty

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Five wage & hour principles most likely to land you in hot water

Wine ServerEmployment laws are so wide-ranging and detail-specific that businesses often ignore the simplest but most sacrosanct rules.  For a broader and detailed understanding, a good place to start is at the website of the Labor Commissioner – Dept. of Industrial Relations.  However, allegations of failure to comply with the following five fundamental principles account for a huge number of the claims I defend:  Continue reading

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