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Never the twain shall meet? – alcoholic beverages and cannabis topic of new law

A new law in California prohibits the sale or manufacture of beverages that mix cannabis (aka marijuana, weed, pot, etc.) and “cannabis products” with alcohol.  Assembly Bill No. 2914 was signed into law by Gov. Brown on Sept. 27, 2018.  It … Continue reading

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Brewery & Distillery Law Powerpoint

These slides are from a Powerpoint presentation I gave on two topics (regulations and contracts) at an NBI conference on brewery and distillery law.  Without the oral presentation, these slides are useful more for the purpose of spotting issues.  If … Continue reading

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Does your jurisdiction have a Trader Joe’s exemption?

Trade Joe’s is so popular that laws are drafted to accommodate them while keeping out competitors, and communities swoon to receive them while staunchly opposing other businesses selling the same types of goods. 

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What does it mean to be ‘grandfathered’?

  One of the terms often used when it comes to land uses is “grandfathered.”  Generally speaking, the term refers to something  that would now be forbidden or illegal as a new use or activity but is allowed because the … Continue reading

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